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In spring of last school year, my energy club conducted a brief survey of our teachers to determine their energy use habits. We conducted the surveys face-to-face. Out of 60 classrooms we managed to actually contact 45 teachers. We had two goals behind our survey. One was to see if the survey would perhaps change teacher energy use behavior. When a student asks an individuals who are in a role model position (teacher) if they turn the lights out in their classrooms when they leave at night, the teachers know that if they are not, they should be. Perhaps their role model conscience will make offenders change their ways. The other goal was to see if the results of the survey will provide us with ideas for changes we can put into place at our school.

This fall we will do a follow up survey to see how our survey may have influenced energy use habits.

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Estou entrando em meu último ano na Jserra Catholic High School, em San Juan Capistrano, Califórnia, e ter assistido JSerra já por um ano inteiro. Eu vim de Guiyang China para terminar a minha escola. E eu também estou correndo o Clube Energia na minha escola.

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  1. Proteção diz:

    Found yuor web blog through Google. You already know I will be subscribing to your feed.

  2. Ariela Osuna diz:

    This is a great idea, Jiarui! I’ll be looking forward to hearing about the results!

  3. Anitra diz:

    At last! Somenoe who understands! Thanks for posting!

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