Dana Hills Desenvolvimento de um clube de Energia!

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Dana Hills High School is now developing an Energy Club! Influenced by members of the International Energy Alliance (IEA), Ray and Andrew Hunter, the Energy Club will strive to model after the actions of the International Energy Alliance.

The main goal of this club will be to help better our schools and surrounding communities by educating the public about ways to help conserve energy during school and at home. We hope to help our school save precious funds by providing alternative, less energy-using electronic equipment to be used in our classrooms and library. We plan on working together with our school to construct informational seminars to help inform the public about energy-saving techniques that can be used at home to help our community use less energy as a whole.

Dana Hills students Brody Zachary (Sophomore) and Sam Madani (Junior) will be the co-founders and President/Vice-president, respectively.

The Energy Club is in the final stages of being formed and the club constitution is undergoing final revisions. We hope to be up and running by the second semester of this year. We encourage students to join and all are welcome!

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Sophomore at Dana Hills High School. Varsity Water Polo Team. Co-founder and President of what will be The Energy Club at DHHS.

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  1. Andrew Hunter diz:

    Great Job!!!! Look forward to your participation!!

  2. Cheyenne diz:

    Guardada como favorito, eu realmente gosto do seu site!

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